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John Vaillant

Graduating Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Business Administration and Aeronautical Science, John Vaillant brings 15 years of aviation experience to AEM. As a previous owner of a Part 135 Company and having served for various companies as Director of Operations and as an IS-BAO Auditor, Mr. Vaillant is equipped to assist our clients with their various challenges and compliance issues. His background in compliance, technical writing, management, customer service and Aircraft Acquisitions lends itself perfectly to AEM's diverse client portfolio. Through his extensive experience in aircraft management, he has built a foundation of industry professionals who stand ready to serve and assure the success of each client he serves.

Chris Girman

Chris Girman brings over 30 years of experience in aviation, maintenance management, avionics, evaluations, aircraft acquisitions and customer service. His diverse background in various segments of our industry has allowed him to experience aviation from the Service side of the industry to the Aircraft Management side. This has benefited our clients greatly in project management and negotiations as he has sat on both sides of the table. He has Received Flight Safety Maintenance Training in Hawker, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Citation, and Dassault Products and has served as Director of Maintenance for Part 91 and 135 Companies.